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1 Tablet Contains:
KidGreenz Superfood Complex 250 mg
(a Proprietary, delicately processed blend of Broccoli [Brassica Oleracea floret stand. extract], Spinach [Spinacia Oleracea leaf stand. extract], Wheat Grass Juice [Triticum ssp. leaf], Whole Brown Rice [Oryza Sativa whole seed], Carrot Juice [Daucus Carota root], Chorella [Chorella Vulgaris], Spirulina [Spirulina Platensis], Beet Juice [Beta Vulgaris root], Kelp [Laminaria ssp.], Alfalfa [Medicago Sativum sprout] , Fructooligosaccharides from Chicory [Cichorium intybus root], Dahlia [Dahlia Inula tuber])
and more
Servings: 90
Serving Price: $0.13
Price Per Tablet: $0.13
Sweetener: Fructose